Live Video Premiere - Oct 15


I have a new performance premiering as part of the Imaginary Network Topologies virtual streaming tour. This new performance is a collaboration between myself and visual programmer Teknic. 

COMPLEX DISTRATIONS - Review of Wicked Transmission


The world shifts a bit when you step into the musical landscape of Kyle Evans, aka pulseCoder. Imagine a digital light show inside the mainframe of an overwhelmed supercomputer. Buzzing homemade electronics cry out as if the hard drive was beginning to liquify. But even despite the chaos that surrounds you, there’s a rhythm. A synthetic heartbeat in the form of a techno pulse.



New single "Wicked Transmission" is now available on Holodeck Records

AIM Fest Preshow Warehouse Party


Austin Instrumental Music Fest Presho Warehouse Party – July 20th

Line up: pulseCoder, Dylan Cameron, Feed The Light, Long Tongue, Acid Jeep, Inflatable Robot, Anthony Burchell, Fitnez N Hellth

FB Event Link



It was an absolute pleasure collaborating with SUPERNOVA 1006 on the track Meanings from their new album Technical Support. Check it out on Bandcamp

" The album closes with epic “Meanings” (feat. pulseCoder), which segues masterfully from its slow metallic vibrating intro has a classic sci-fi feeling, not unlike that of the classic Ron Grainer Dr. Who theme. This gives way into a brilliant industrial techno liturgy that slips in a brilliant droning post-punk guitar riff over it’s conjured synthesis. "

- from a review of Technical Support

MUTEK San Francisco - 5/3/19


I will be performing an experimental A/V set (as Kyle Evans) at MUTEK San Fransisco on March 3rd at the Herbst Theater.

Crash Log


I will be performing a recently updated set for Crash Log on 3/11/19 at the North Door in ATX

Warehouse Show with Otto Von Schirach + Doormouse + Daed


I have a super aggressive set planned for this awesome breakcore show happening January 25th in ATX!

New Release! Live at Exploded Drawing 2018


New pulseCoder release! Recorded live at the Exploded Drawing Audio/Visual Session as part of the Austin Music Video Festival. Now available on Bandcamp.

Exploded Drawing Audio Visual Session


I'll be playing the Exploded Drawing Audio Visual Session at the Austin Music Video Festival on Dec. 5th at Native Hostel in ATX. Awesome A/V lineup, sure to be quite a show!

Nite School - 11/08/18


Playing a set at the upcoming NITE SCHOOL at Cheer Up Charlies in ATX along with Felt & Fur, Windows 1995, MomWow and more! Thursday, November 8th. FREE!

CounterVolt – VERSION.001


Very excited to be performing at CounterVolt – VERSION.001 on Aug. 30th at the North Door in Austin, TX. Also on the bill: Ariadne//Lily Taylor//Dylan Cameron//Mathew Steinke with additional visuals by Ryan Padgett and Sean Miller, and an installation by Michael A. Morris. Tickets and details available here

Dallas Ambient Music Nights XXXI


Performing on June 30th at Dallas Ambient Music Nights XXXI at the Dallas Theatre. Event link here

Live at Elysium


Live pulseCoder set this Friday, June 29th at Elysium in ATX. Event details here

LIVE: Friday 5/4/18 at The Sidewinder


Live pulseCoder set on the inside stage at The Sidewinder in ATX. Friday, May 4th 2018. $5

Discipline001: SXSW


3/17/18 at Spokesman, ATX.

A special collaborative pulseCoder set along with Bodytape using only TR-09 drum machines as sources. 

New Single Released on HOLODECK: VISION ONE


New single HYPERMUCK is now available on the amazing Holodeck Records compilation, VISION ONE.

SXSW pulseCoder//Kro//Xuiqen – 3/9


SXSW Showcase! An evening of dark electronica featuring:

pulseCoder // Kro // Xuiqen

March 9th - 8 PM @ Guan Yin Teahouse // ATX

Caustic Creatures Download


Caustic Creatures - FREE download on Bandcamp

pulseCoder @ Exploded Drawing 42 on 2/23/18


p[ulseCoder will be performing live at Exploded Drawing 42 along with an incredible lineup, including DIBIA$E and GOD.DAMN.CHAN

Check out the FB event page for full lineup and details

pulseCoder Live @ Holodeck Records Event


pulseCoder will be performing a  live set in ATX at the Holodeck Records release party for the recently released Michael C. Sharp album. Full lineup and details on the Facebook event page.

Caustic Creatures


New single Caustic Creatures released. Stream it on SoundCloud , Spotify or Apple Music

Streaming on Spotify & Apple


The Ship and the Shipwreck is now available to stream/download on Spotify, AppleMusic and iTunes!

HE / ART: Live Performance on 9/23


Debut of brand new live pulseCoder set.

Event organized by Kiss or Kill Productions.

Cherry Cola Dog, Austin TX.

Performance at Beerland in ATX


Video of a recent performance at Beerland in Austin TX. 

//COLLAPSE Music Video


Music video released for the song //COLLAPSE off the new album The Ship and the Shipwreck.

Sounds and video by pulseCoder

The Ship and the Shipwreck: Album Release


The Ship and the Shipwreckhas been officially released! You can stream/download the album on Bandcamp and you can grab a physical copy from Shadowtrash Tape Group

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